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DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE UK As featured in Airgun Shooter magazine; Build Quality 10/10 Fun Factor 10/10
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Beautifully engineered in stainless steel, FireCap targets are built to last.  Available in two sizes - the  HD edition shown above has a 30mm target disc and  uses 8-shot ring caps. The larger  and louder Magnum edition sports a 33mm (1.25”) target plate and uses 12-shot ring caps.  The 8-shot version is also available with an integral ground spike (see pictured right).

Above:  A FireCap target is easily fixed to a suitable backstop or post using a single fixing screw (supplied).  

Above:  A FireCap target (HD Edition) in it’s retail packaging pictured with a pack of SuperDisc ring caps.

PATENT PENDING NEW Universal Target Box

   Exploding    Airgun    Target

Explosive fun for airgun shooters!

FireCap targets are designed to be used with toy gun ring caps providing a challenging and rewarding reactive target for airgun enthusiasts.  A metal target plate is placed over a plastic ring cap seated on the target’s firing pins and held in place by a powerful magnet.  A direct hit on the target plate results in a loud bang, explosive flash, cloud of smoke and ejection of the target plate. Compared to another well-known brand of exploding target they are much more affordable - costing just a few pence a go.  For a bigger bang and flash, go for the Magnum Edition.

Below:The Ground Spike version  gives you the option to use it on any safe shooting ground. Like all FireCap targets it is manufactured in stainless steel.