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New for 2017 a pierced target plate complete with ballistic tether allowing it to be used with both screw-mounted (pictured above) and original Mk1 ground-spike versions (pictured below) of the FireCap target.     

Responding to customer feedback we have introduced a new tethered target disc available as a low-cost accessory.   If you use your FireCap target in an area with long grass or undergrowth, retrieving the ejected disc can sometimes be frustrating.  This new accessory makes  reloading the target much easier without detracting from the  ‘exploding’ effect of the disc.

The precisely contoured laser-cut disc is secured to the target with a very strong kevlar cord tether having a breaking strain in excess on 120 kgs. Kevlar is chosen not only for it’s strength but also for it’s abrasion and heat resistance.   He cord will even withstand a direct hit from a pellet.  If you you are unlucky enough to do this too many times then eventually you may sever the cord but it can be easily repaired by tying a new loop. Replacement cords are available separately or of course you can make your own.  Under normal circumstances you can expect to get through a lot of  packets of ring caps before needing to repair/replace the cord.

Available as 26mm Standard and 33mm Magnum sizes the tethered target plate is retro-fittable with all the original (Mk1) versions of FireCap targets.


Above:  The 26mm (Standard Edition) tethered target disc shown here in it’s retail packaging.

Right: Especially useful for the FireCap target with integral ground-spike allowing you to take it out into the field for some seriously good fun plinking sessions!