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The single-shot  Mk2 FireCap Exploding Target, Standard Edition is supplied  complete with a a kevlar cord tether, peelable stickers and stainless steel screws for fixing to a suitable post or  backstop.

The FireCap target can easily be fixed to a suitable backstop or post using a single screw (supplied).   A screw and Nyloc nut is also supplied allowing it to be fixed to a metal back plate.

The 3mm thick steel target plate is  held in position by a strong permanent magnet.  The tubular shroud helps  propagate the ignition of all the cap cells even with an off-centre strike.

Shown above; -  a group of FireCap targets fixed to wooden stakes arranged at varying ranges to fully test marksmanship skills.

Left; 8-shot ring caps are widely available in varying pack sizes from good toy shops and online sellers costing just a few pence each.       

An exploding FireCap target makes a satisfying noise on impact!